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Normal Tree Stumpl

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Large Root system on Stump Stump in snow

1. First remove the Goat.

2. An easy stump to measure.

3. A large extended root makes the bottom measurement harder.You also need to measure the height and the diameter at the top.

In this case you should mention it is by a road and surrounded by concrete!

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4. Not a good day to grind the stump, but it shows the importance of measuring at the base, and measuring the height.

1. The number of tree stumps.

2. The diameter at GROUND LEVEL of each stump (see diagrams).

3. The approximate height above the ground of each stump (only needed if more than 6").

4. Access -  our main machine is 36" wide and 8' long, please ring us if your entrance is narrower as we

  do have smaller machines.

5. Is the access flat? Are there any walls, steps, slopes or raised areas in the way?

6. Access passages must be wide enough and unobstructed.


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Goat on Tree Stump